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Interactive learning of abstract programming concepts

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A. Ahmad, H. Chokshi, G. De Ruvo, N. Giacaman. "Interactive Learning of Abstract Programming Concepts with InteractiveOOP". In International Conference on Learning and Teaching in Computing and Engineering (LaTiCE), Auckland, New Zealand, April 2018.

InteractiveOOP is an app for learning object-oriented programming concepts, developed using the Realization Framework. It focuses on concepts rather than writing code. It's based on our research into teaching methods for abstract concepts, and how to help students understand them.

InteractiveOOP analogy-based class builder

For a beginner, complex OOP concepts can be difficult to understand. To ease understanding of abstract concepts, we made the learning process interactive.

We developed a conceptual framework - the Realization Framework - specifically for teaching abstract programming concepts. This is done using analogies and visualizations to make the concepts more palatable for novice programming students.

OOP lends itself well to real-world metaphors, which we used to create analogy-based activities, encouraging a more fundamental understanding of difficult concepts.

The Creators

InteractiveOOP and the Realization Framework were created for a University of Auckland software engineering final year project by undergrads Asheer Ahmad and Harsh Chokshi. The project was supervised by Dr. Nasser Giacaman of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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