How to play


Create a user by clicking New User at the bottom. The user has to have at least 4 characters. Only then will the Enter button highlight green:


Part of our goal is to collect data about the efficiency of this app to teach Cerebral Palsy impacted students how to count. That's why we will ask you to provide us some information when you log in and when you log out, so we can ensure we get a good idea how to interpret the data, but also how we can make things better:

Main Screen

On the Main Screen you find 10 numbers. Choose which number you want to start with on the Main Screen. We suggest to go sequentially:

Learning Numbers

Once you have chosen a number, you will be prompted by the wizard to hold up that card. The example below is for the number 3:

You can find the files to print the cards on the homepage. Hold up the corresponding number card so that the camera has the card in full view. You can place the number card on a bookstand or on a table to make it easier. You may also choose to mirror the tablet screen on a larger monitor or television to work with a group of students or for better visibility.

During the number introduction and the counting sequence, it is important for the app to see the number card.


Once the learning section for the chosen number has been completed, you will be prompted to hold up the Magic Card (which is the empty number card with the Magic Card writing at the bottom of it) in front of the device. The Magic Card needs to remain in front of the screen during the entire quiz time in order to show the numbers.

After the wizard has asked the question "Is this a number X? Yes or No?", the musical notes sound based on the number. If it is a number 4, there will be 4 sounds based on a musical scale. This is to help students who are visually impaired to learn the numbers as well. It may help to tap on their shoulder or arm as the sounds ring, so they can associate the sound with the counting. It will allow students who cannot see the number on the screen to identify if it is the correct number or if the answer should be "no".

Once the student has completed the quiz successfully, you can visit the reward room to find the reward or continue with the next number.


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