The Wizard World of Numbers has been designed as a prototype game for students aged 6+, who are impacted by Cerebral Palsy, to learn to count from 1 to 10. Of course this game can be played by any student who would like to learn to count and loves wizards, magical potions and spells as much as we do!

How does the app work?

The game can be used as a teacher aid in Cerebral Palsy specialist schools or at home with assistance of family or caregivers. The Wizard World of Numbers is an Augmented Reality game that requires a set of printed number cards (found below), which when held up in front of a mobile device will start to teach the student about each number.

What is the gameplay?

Each number is taught as part of a story that takes the student on a journey to become a number wizard! Each number is treated as a spell and the wizard apprentice is being taken on a magical story that requires counting and measuring potion ingredients or finding a number of doors or keys in order to face the final number spell test for each learned number. In order to pass the test, the student is asked to hold up the empty Magic Card which will ask the student to recognise the learned numbers in order to win their reward and become a fully fledged number wizard.

This project has been funded by MBIE as part of the Unlocking Curious Minds project and has been developed in collaboration with the University of Auckland and Geo AR Games.

Installing the app

The Number cards

Once you have installed the app using the app store (see above), you will need to print the number cards. You can print the cards in either colour or black & white -- as long as the tablet has a decent camera. For convenience, the cards are available in 3 different sizes -- select your preferred size:

Instructions and hints for the app

Here are some hints as to how the app works: Still unsure? Check out the full instructions and troubleshooting hints.

The Team

University of Auckland project leads:
  • Nasser Giacaman (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Gail Ledger (Faculty of Education and Social Work)
App designer: Melanie Langlotz (Geo AR Games)
App sound expert: Cole Goodley (Geo AR Games)
App developer: Amie Wolken (Duality Agreement)
Master of testers: Stephen Doel (Central Auckland Specialist School)
Mathematics advisor: Gillian Frankcom-Burgess (Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland)

PUSH GO episode

Our journey has been documented as the first episode of the PUSH GO series, kindly produced by Purple Sheep Productions.

Curious Minds Story

The article "Creating maths wizards with AR gaming" shares some more background to the project.


We are grateful for the funding received by MBIE Unlocking Curious Minds support that has made this project possible.

Special thanks to the team at Purple Sheep Productions for their kindness in making the PUSH GO video.

We are also very thankful for the kids, parents, gaurdians and teachers at Central Auckland Specialist School for working closely with us throughout this entire journey.