Instructional videos for COMPSYS202/MECHENG270

This course is an extensive hands-on programming experience. You will be required to work with software which you may be unfamiliar with. All programming will be done on a Linux based operating system called Ubuntu. Additionally we will be using the Linux terminal, the Eclipse IDE, and a learning development tool called ACP. Ubuntu can be accessed on the computers in the Electrical and Computer Engineering labs by selecting it as the operating system on startup. Ubuntu can also be installed on your own personal computer - either as a VirtualBox virtual machine or installed side by side with your current operating system in a dual boot format.

This website and accompanying videos aim to aid students in installing and using VirtualBox, Ubuntu, Eclipse and ACP. If terminal commands are required then they will be listed below the corresponding embedded video. You may use the links below to go to the webpages you require, or use the navigation bar at the top of the page.

     1) To install VirtualBox, go to the VirtualBox page and follow the instructions there.
     2a) If you want to install Ubuntu, Eclipse, and ACP yourself; go to the Install Software page and have a go.
     2b) Else you can import a VirtualBox appliance which will create a virtual machine with all the software preinstalled. Go to Importing Appliances.
     3) Setting up a shared folder is convenient and useful. Check out how to do this on the Shared Folders page.
     4) Familiarise yourself with ACP. It is an important tool and will be used in lectures. Head to the Using ACP page.
     5) Go through the Assignments and Refresher Lab in your own time. These will help you prepare for your first assignment.

Additionally we have a Troubleshooting page which you should check if you run into any problems while following instructions on this website. If the page cannot help you then do your own research or ask a TA in the labs. Piazza is a useful resource for course content issues, however for practical problems such as when installing software it is much easier for somebody to help you in person.

Good Luck!

Developer: Mark Yep

Project Supervisor: Nasser Giacaman

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